Indulgences Go High Tech

3 May, 2008

For those of you who wish it, Indulgences are now available on line here (I think I stressed out the Indulgence calculator).

Or, you can skip all that and make a reservation (for yourself, or for others (group discounts are available)) in hell.



  1. You are so going to hell for this post, (((Billy))). I didn’t bother reserving a space for you, because I’m sure they’ve already set aside a full suite with a platinum nameplate for you. 😉

  2. Platinum? He gets platinum? He’s only got five thousand hits. How’s he rate platinum? He’s barely evil!

  3. I agree with Ric. He can’t be entitled to anything better than cardboard yet. You need at least a million hits to qualify for Platinum. It’s in the rules. Hell, I’m only up to formica myself.

    Or maybe plywood.

  4. Ric and SI – you guys need to chill. Shit, I’ve only got a shower curtain. I hope the damn thing’s flame-retardant.

  5. How about a nice bronze plate with a mellow patina? (Mellow patina: sounds like someone describing wine, doesn’t it?) I’m not too wild about formica, SI. I prefer going natural (not au natural (or at least, not when the kids are home)).

    Chappie: A flame-retardant shower curtain? Sounds redundant.

  6. () –

    No bronze, guy. You’re not up to metal status yet. Jeez, you’d be lucky to get wet newspaper.

  7. But the Bible is from the Bronze age and I make at least as much sense as it does, right?

  8. () –

    Sure. Whatever you say. Have some scotch.

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