Newsflash: Prayer Still Does Not Work

29 April, 2008

I’m not going to post the whole thing.  Click over to Pharyngula to read the whole sordid disgusting criminal and abusive tale.

One thing I will add, though.  I’ve taken my kids to the doctor, or called telenurse, or gone to the Emergency Room for symptoms that were not even close to this extreme.



  1. This story is yet another in a long line of similarly pathetic tales. It appears that justice is being served (to some degree) in that the parents have been charged with manslaughter. I’m all for religious freedom (even though I think most religion is bunk and some is downright evil), but wish that there were a way to protect those who can’t protect or defend themselves. Charging parents after the fact doesn’t do the kids much good.

  2. sometimes.. 😉

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