Will Expelled Get Expelled?

21 April, 2008

Sometimes you read something that just makes you smile.  Over at Alexander the Atheist, he posted this:

1. Forbidden Kingdom ($20,870,000)
2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall ($17,348,000)
3. Prom Night ($9,100,000)
4. 88 Minutes ($6,800,000)
5. Nim’s Island ($5,650,000)
6. 21 ($5,500,000)
7. Street Kings ($4,000,000)
8. Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who! ($3,500,000)
9. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed ($3,153,000)
10 Leatherheads ($3,022,000)

Source: Box Office Mojo

Wow.  $3.1 million dollars.  Gives me dry eyes.

So.  All these theaters (a little over a thousand of them) showed this ‘lying for Jesus’ propaganda piece (which was (if ya’ll remember) supposed to singlehandedly and instantaneously overturn the evil cabal of evolutionists who have been keeping the people who know, know, mind you, that they have the right answer out of academia) made less than $3,000 per screen.  Theaters are (unless there is something I really don’t understand about economics) in it to make money (either for the owner or stockholders).  Figuring each screen had (as they did locally) at least three showings, that works out to less than a thousand a showing.  That barely (and I mean barely) covers the costs of the theater owner.

I suspect that, next weekend, two things will happen.  First, the number of theaters showing this  ‘documentary’ will drop precipitously.  Second,  the makers of Expelled will (and I’ll bet dollars to donuts on this one) start screaming about an evil cabal of evilutionist theater owners are unfairly changing the numbers (Stein will claim it actually made a ‘Buehler’ dollars on every screen) and banning the most significant movie since, since, since. . . . Oh.  Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Ishtar (hat tip to my brilliant young wife for that cultural reference (and it should please the Grumpy Lion (unless you want to defend Ishtar too?)))

Anyone out there willing to take the bet?  Will the makers of Expelled either claim the numbers are being changed or that the atheist theater owners (how many of those do you suppose there are?) are banning the movie?  Or maybe they will claim that all the people who paid for Forbidden Kingdom actually snuck in to see Expelled?  I’m not sure I would put anything past these jokers.

Or, does anyone else have a different hypotheosis regarding how the producers of Expelled will explain the fact that Horon Hears a Who beat them?

And, as before, I will not link to the Expelled web site, but I will link to the Exposed Expelled site.



  1. Wait a minute, wait a minute! Let’s cut to the important stuff here. Are you actually trashing Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? That wonderful classic? The only movie to ever show giant tomatoes skateboarding (well, skating)? I can’t believe you would demean such an important cultural icon. I’m shocked, shocked.

  2. No, I am NOT trashing that wonderful camp movie. I am merely saying that Expelled is about as accurate a representation of reality as Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Personally, I enjoyed AKT. But, lets face it, as an expression of reality, it sucked. As an expression of reality, Expelled sucks. That’s the thrust of my argument.

  3. Ric: not thirty seconds after writing the above, I read the post to my wife. She spotted some grammatical problems (fixed) and also suggested Ishtar rather than Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Better?

  4. so i’m guessing that all you are doing here writting all this nonsense down in this pae is to make an arguement, an argument that shouldn’t be argued, why? because it’s dumb! why would u take the time to write something about a movie that you apperantly don’t like? what exactly do you get from “offending” the makers of the movie? even if your “hypothesis” is right, and the producers do what you think they will do, does that get us anywhere? and when i mean “us” i mean the country. No matter what people say or do to make Christians look bad (which i guarantee will keep on happening), the ones who are still strong will keep on going and fighting for what we believe in (which is Jesus Christ). Bro i’m telling you don’t make arguments that will get you no where, and don’t just try to exist, Live for God! Stop letting those lies into your head!……..Listen i don’t know you at all and i probably will never get to meet you but i can you this: Stop fighting with God, you can’t defeat him, He wants u to be His beloved child and He wants to be your beloved Father, Jesus died for u to be saved!………. I have nothing more to say, but i’ll be praying for u and hopefuly someday i shall see u in heaven =)…………

    p.s. i would die for u anytime, just so u can be saved =)…………i mean it.

  5. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes wasn’t a documentary? I’ve been living a delusion all this time?

    Ishtar? Bah. That has no staying power, not even as camp.

    BTW, better tell your wife that Bethany thinks you’re hot. Apparently you’re to die for. Your wife’s not the jealous type, is she?

  6. Wow, Billy, I love your blog, but I don’t know if I would be willing to die for you. But what is this, like the fourth time you’ve been asked to be “saved” in the last few months?

  7. Is bethany for real . . . or are you paying people to make your blog more interesting . . . We used to do that in radio all the time.


    Just get saved, will ya?!



  8. Ric: My wife is the jealous type, but she knows I don’t do well in mobile home parks.

    Sabrina: The weird thing is, I shaved off the gen-X beard thing and people STILL want to save me. I must return a high interest rate.

    Tysdaddy: Unless someone is pulling my leg, she’s real. I’ve gotta pay for college. I can’t afford to pimp my site.

    Bethany: Learn how to type, learn how to spell, learn how to write complete sentences, learn how to use the English language, and learn how to weigh evidence.

  9. Actually, that $3million is suspect. The producers have been offering reimbursements for buying tickets. I’m not sure if this is for individuals, but there has been a campaign for some time now to get groups to go and then when the group mails in their stubs, they’ll get reimbursed. It’s a clever tactic. The idea is that what will show up is the box office performance which, if substantial enough, they’d trumpet as proof that their message resonates with many people and that they have numbers to support their agenda, which is apparently to tie evolution to genocidal killers or something.

    Likewise, they’ll no doubt do with the dvd (you KNOW there will soon be a dvd available) what’s been an old trick of book “sales”. They’ll distribute these free to schools, organizations, individuals, etc by way of a 3rd party, which will be them of course. The result will appear as sales, and they’ll afterwards tout the numbers of these “sales” as proof that there are many who support what they say. In fact, if the box office result sucks and they can work this tactic well, they’ll no doubt argue that the evil, godless, genocidal evolutionists conspired to keep them out of the theaters, too, but the vast numbers of “sales” of the dvd will be proof that you can’t silence the “truth”.

    Oh and bethany, aside from THE MANY reasons to dump on this film like the lying, the ways they misrepresented themselves to get most of the interview footage and the subsequent editing of that material to get just the right sound bites, there is also the very real criminal aspects of it, namely, stealing the work of various artists like Lennon and XVIVO Animation and using it all in their film. I don’t care what the fuck your point is, if in order to make it you have to stoop to disingenuous and criminal means then perhaps the value of your point is suspect. Of course that hasn’t stopped our current President and his administration, so why expect better from a comedic hack?

  10. By the Way: The movie did worse than I said. It was actually about 2.9 million which puts it in tenth place.

    Philly: Excellent reasoning as to why to dislike the movie. I have to wonder about people who think that lying is an acceptable way to achieve truth. I guess it takes much more faith than I have.

  11. They’ll do both, and they’ll also play up the fact they did better than a George Clooney movie, conveniently ignoring the fact Leatherheads has been out two weeks longer.

    They’ll ignore Horton by saying it’s a kids’ film so doesn’t count as competition.

    I’m still baffled as to why even the true believers would want to bother going to see this turkey — the ads I’ve seen on television are so lame I can’t imagine them drawing anyone into the theater. I know the producers traded on Ben Stein’s name to get the film as wide a release as it’s enjoyed, but I doubt if they’ll be as lucky with their next project. (If there is a next project — they’ve poured a lot of money into promoting “Expelled” so should be teetering on bankruptcy now.)

    The theatrical run should be so short I fully expect it to be released on DVD before Memorial Day.

  12. Nan: Unfortunately, there seems to be a never-ending supply of money for nonsense like this. A right-wing propaganda piece is far more likely to be funded than most projects. I’m surprised they didn’t take the Stalone gambit, though — just release the movie on DVD right away so no one ever sees the dismal box office returns.

  13. Hey Bethany,
    Tell the jesus freaks to stay away from my porn and I will stay away from Expelled. Deal?

    And Billy I like you too, but apparently not as much as Bethany.


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