Saved By The Bill

18 April, 2008

Please note, over on the right, included in my permanent pages, is one called “Saved By The Bill“:


Numerous times, I have been approached by strangers, and they have asked some form of that wonderful question:  “Have You Been Saved?”  I have written about some of my experiences here, and here.

Julia, the Ethical Paleaontologist, wrote in today on Don’t Do Me No Favours to tell me about an attempted drive-by-saving:

The husband and I were victims of a “drive-by saving” this morning on the Tube. Man in an I *heart* Jesus beany hat preaching to us all. I think he lost the audience when he urged us all to renounce masturbation. Us commuters, whatever the race, colour or creed, are all united in being very much in favour of masturbation thank you very much, and the entire carriage collapsed in raucous laughter.

The right wing press talks an awful lot about how put-upon Christians are, how much everyone mocks their religion and ruins Christmas and Easter by turning them into secular festivals, and how they aren’t free to practise their faith. But the fact remains that if a bloke in an “I *heart* Allah” hat stood up and started trying to convert a tube carriage to Islam, he’d be lynched by the mob.

Paul and I nearly discussed your post on this as we were regaining our composure on the escalator out of the station. I got as far as asking him why he has never tried to convert me, but he never got a chance to answer.

And then followed it up with this one:

Ever since my great-aunt died, I’ve worn one of her necklaces that her sister (my Grannie) gave me. It’s a little silver Celtic cross from the island of Iona. I attach no more meaning to it other than that it’s something that meant a lot to Aunty Bee Bee.

One day, whilst living in St Louis, I came out of the supermarket straight into “Have you been saved?”. As I stared open-mouthed, trying to think of the most tactful way of telling the man where to go (I had to join the queue for the bus right outside the store so there was no escape), he spotted the cross and said “Oh you’ve already been saved, you’re alright!”.

I invite all my readers, if you experience an Attempted-Drive-By-Saving, or one of your friends is a victim, please tell the tale here in the comments. 

Thank you.


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