Strange Family Conversation V

29 March, 2008

My family, from back when I was a little kid, liked word games.  My wife and kids are also good punners and have fun with words.  One of the games we all like is a game of mild mispronunciation and misunderstandings.  Yesterday, on a trip out to Clarion (231 miles one way), the following conversation occured betwen my son and I:

“Wow, Dad, how’d we get to Iowa?” he asked.

I looked at the exit sign for Dubois, and said, “That’s Dubuque, you putz.”

He said, “I thought that was a college in Pittsburg.”

I said, “That’s Duquesne.”

 He said, “I thought that’s what old people used when their legs were week?”

I said, “That’s a cane.”

He said, “Wait, isn’t that a walker?”

I said, “No, that’s what old people call a frying pan.”

He started to say something, and stopped.  He started again, and stopped.  Then he said, “You win.”

Not often that I win.  I’ll take it.


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