Odd Question

29 March, 2008

Today, during dinner, we were discussing various odd things (big surprise).  We were wondering what my son would do if he got to school next year and discovered his roommate was a Bible-thumping Baptist New York Yankee and Oakland Raider fan.  This led to an old joke: What three words in the English language are more frightening than “Oakland Raider Fanclub?”  Michael Jackson Daycare.

Okay, brilliant atheospheric inhabitants:  what three words do you find more frightening than “Oakland Raider Fanclub?”

My vote would be “President James Dobson.”

What three words scare you the most?



  1. Nation under god

  2. Roger: Welcome to my blog. That’s a good one.

  3. My cat’s sick.

    Does the apostrophe make it four words?

  4. It hardly seems worth playing after Roger’s answer.

    Anytime the woman you’re with says, “we should talk”. That’s always scary.

    There are also situations where certain phrases are scarier than others. Like say being cornered and alone with some very large man and hearing, “you look pretty”. If he had a Raiders or Broncos hat on, that would just be adding insult to injury.

  5. HEEEEEYYYY, I take exception. I am a Raiders fan!

    Personally you are pregnant would top my list.

  6. Emperor George Bush

  7. Ric: I can understand that one. One of my friids from work (now retired (and looking much younger)) was given the choice of $100.00 to amputate her cat’s leg, or $600.00 to rebuild the ACL. She chose the knee surgery. So far, our four and a half cats (one weighs 24 pounds) are healthy. And they eat like it.

    Philly: You’re right. Context has a great deal to do with it. With kids in school, “The principal called” is way up there.

    Poodles: I thought you were a good person. Just joking. When I lived out west, there were many Raiders fans. Of course, that was back when they were a football team (not too sure what they are now). I think your answer would also freak out either my daughter or my wife.

    Sabrina: Yikes!!!!

    Read this one to my wife (with all your brilliant answers) and her three most frightening words: “Your Narcoleptic Pilot.”

  8. George Dubya Bush

  9. How about . . .

    “Look! It’s Jesus!”

    On a horse, and he’s pissed.

    Basically the whole Left Behind thing being true. Which I don’t believe. But man would that be frightening. Which is why it works for so many.

    Anyway . . .

  10. Rob: Welcome. I don’t think those three words are all that frightening. I mean, if he were, say, a pump jocky at a Kum and Go in Wyoming, who would care? Now President George Dubya, THAT’s frightening.

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