Church Signs #4

29 March, 2008

While on our sojourn out to Clarion and back (left at 3:00am, registration started at 7:00am, orientation started at 8:00 and ended at 5:30, then the drive home (long day)), we passed a church.  In the morning, I noticed the message board out in front of the Alpha Church (no, not kidding, that was the name of the church).  In the half-light of a cloudy morning, I assumed I had misread the sign, but I made a mental note to look closely on the way back.

Driving out of town, I realized I had not misread the sign.  Nor do I think it had been tampered with, since both sides read the same, and were under locked plexi.  This is what was on the church sign:

Help us celebrate Christ’s reserection this Easter.

That’s right, Christ’s ‘reserection.’  I laughed.  Res – erection?  It gives a whole new meaning to ‘Christ is risen.’ 

Apparently, the person who puts up the letters on the church sign at the Alpha Church qualifies as the alpha dolt.



  1. Easter did coincide with the 10th anniversary of Viagra this week.

  2. Philly: That comes under the heading of ‘you can’t make this shit up.’

    My daughter (the 15 year old (who thinks she is 21 (and can pass for 20))) asked, “And how would he know about that?”

  3. A thousand years ago if the only thing you read was the Bible, you would have been a highly educated person.

    Today, you’d be an idiot. Apparently you discovered a sanctuary for such people. Undoubtedly they were following the dictates of the sign and were inside multiplying.

  4. Ric: I can always count on you to take a frightening situation and make it worse. It’s a wonder you aren’t grumpier.

  5. It’s what happens to misanthropes who don’t have someone to sleep with. We get very grumpy. We scare people.

    But really, I’m harmless. I think…

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