Screaming at the Radio

24 March, 2008

Driving home from work today, I was listening to our local ESPN affiliate.  The reason I listen to sports radio is twofold — I don’t really like our local rock stations, and if I listen to NPR, I scream at the radio.  Unfortunately, I always catch the CNN news update.  Today, I screamed at the radio.

The Shrub, our fearful leader, was on today.  He said that it was a solemn day, refering to the US combat death toll reaching 4,000 (of course, when it hit 2,000 during the ’04 election, it was just a number (as my wife says, “some of you may die, but it is a sacrifice I’m willing to make.”)).  He then said that he would make sure that none of those troops died in vain. 

I guess he means that if we pull out, admitting that his war was a mistake, they have died in vain.  At least, that’s what he HOPES people will think he means.  My take?  The only way conservatives can even pretend that his presidency was anything less than a total unmitigated distaster successful is through some kind of success in Iraq, or at least making sure that the troops stay there until a Democratic president can pull them out (which conservatives would count as political success).

Mr. President, every single man, woman and child who has lost their life in Iraq has died in vain.  They have died for your empire, your hubris, your vanity.  The only reason we invaded Iraq was your administrations political calculation that a successful war would make it easier to rape America.  The only reason we have stayed in Iraq is the incompetent way your administration prosecuted the war, refusing to listen to those with (what turned out to be) realistic opinions, your lack of planning for after the invasion, and your vanity that you are the decider.  Mr. President, the American troops, the Kurds, the Shi’ites, the Sunni’s, the men, women and children of Iraq, all of the dead created by your war have died in vain.  They have died (or been maimed, or been driven insane) because you thought that you, and only you (and your people) had the only answer.  They have died for your vanity.  They have died in vain.  They died to make the president look good.



  1. The proper form of address is not Mr. President.

    It’s ‘shithead’.

  2. Nah – shithead’s too polite.

  3. Ric: It’s not like he’s going to actually read this, so I don’t need to use the proper form of address, right?

    Chappie: I agree.

  4. How about Mr. Shithead, Sir.

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  6. How about those maimed and injured? In vain or not, they’re not getting the help they’re due. The Vets deserve better. I forget which politician said it about them but it’s true, “you break ’em, you bought ’em”. You send them to risk their lives and they come back hurt, they’re the responsibility of this government for the rest of their lives. Counseling, prosthetics, and support if they can’t work is the least that could be done, regardless of the war being just or not.

  7. You Rock Radio: At work I occasionally listen to Pandora (they have opera, folk, classic jazz, bluegrass AND rock (I have (to say the least) eclectic tastes in music)). At home, I am using my son’s computer that we got him for when he goes to college. Plus, I can’t listen to a computer in the car (and my tape deck doesn’t work)). Oh, and welcome to my blog.

    Philly: Couldn’t agree more. I am a disabled vet (non-combat injury) and was treated quite well in the early ’90s. The bullshit spouted by the chicken-hawk Republicans about ‘supporting the troops’ annoys me to no end.

    In addition, that 4,000 figure for US combat deaths does not include seriously injured soldiers who die of their wounds after being removed from the theater. It is actually 50 to 150% higher.

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