Pilgrims in an Unholy Land

22 March, 2008

I had a chance today to spend a very enjoyable day with my family.  We went down to Lancaster, did some shopping at the outlets, visited the ChooChoo Barn, had a nice lunch out, all in all an enjoyable day.  We did, however, stop at a mall to let the kids shop at Hot Topix.

It added another paragraph to the whole “I am old” story.  I looked at the CDs and did not recognize one single group.  Even worse, they are now marketing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as ‘retro.’  My wife remembers reading TMNT at Newbury Comics up near Boston (it was way too ‘out there’ for anyplace else).  I remember when it first showed up in the Boston Globe while I was in college.  Now, they are ‘retro.’  As we walked out of the store (the kids were still shopping), I turned to my wife and My wife turned to me and (quoting one of the Dr. Jones’ from The Last Crusade) said, “We are pilgrims in an unholy land.”

Oddly, she and my daughter had used the same phrase a few weeks ago while shopping for a dress for a Junior High dance.  My daughter was not even sure what some of the clothing pieces were for, much less where you are supposed to wear them.  My daughter lives in jeans, Converse sneakers, hoodies and T-shirts.  So my daughter said to her, “We are pilgirms in an unholy land.”

I think that phrase (despite the religious connotations) is very a very apt way of describing the culture shocks I regularly experience now that I am getting older mature.


One comment

  1. Yelling at the kids running through my yard the other day, the realization hit me: “Oh noOoO! When did I become my dad?!?”

    I have felt the same way lately watching (and listening to, with bleeding ears) my son trying to figure out his new electric guitar. We’ve been doing the GH thing for a while and he wanted to give the real thing a shot. He’s got some talent; he’s nearly nailed Iron Man and even has some Metallica in his repertoire. It’s lugging out all those old albums that’s a hoot. Remembering when they came out and how new and shiny they were. Man, I’m old.

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