Arthur C. Clarke, RIP

20 March, 2008

One of my favourite writers died the other day.  As a teenager, I discovered Clarke about the same time I discovered Asimov about the same time I discovered short stories.  I keep a copy of  The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke next to my bed for those times when I need a quick fix.  Though I have enjoyed the novels of both, it has always been their short stories which bring a smile, bring a tear, bring a groan, bring an ‘ah-hah!’  I also like both writer’s senses of humour:  Asimov with “In Bad Taste;”  Clarke with “siseneG,” or, the one with punch line which is right up my alley, “Neutron Tide.”  Arthur, I hope your stories will continue to inspire, confuse, amuse, educate, for a long, long time.



  1. Did you hear that he left a note stating that he did not want any religious sermons/ceremonies at his funeral? So much for death bed conversions;)

  2. Sabrina: No, I hadn’t heard that. Fits with what I know of him, though. He seemed really willing to explore all possibilities — theistic and nontheistic.

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