Life as I Know It Is Over

15 March, 2008

My son has just gotten his learners permit.  He only made one mistake.  Unfortunately, the mistake was where the tree is.  Damage to the tree, about $40.00.  Damage to the mini van, minimal. Wife’s laughter, priceless.



  1. Trust me on this: She’s not gonna be laughing when he gets his license.

  2. At least she laughed. Here’s my experience learning how to drive:
    Mom tells me to put it in reverse and back up.
    She doesn’t say you don’t have to give it gas necessarily or how much gas if you do.
    I give it gas and we start to zoom backwards.
    Mom screams
    I slam on brakes.
    Driving lesson over.
    We then go home and mom calls driving school.

    In contrast, Mrs Chief was 13 on vacation near Yosemite and her parents let her “give driving a try” on a narrow road with a big Gran Torino where a miscue would have sent everyone off a cliff.

  3. Hmmm. Lets see.

    My now 25 year old has had 3 accidents. One a fender bender, then she graduated to totaling not only her car, but the truck that she hit. Her final accident was not her fault, thank dog.

    My now 22 year old pulled out of the driveway and had the front end of her car sheered off. $7000 later, the car is fixed. But it’s only her first accident, (I mumble to myself).

    My 18 year old son had one “real” accident, and this was on a learners permit. Fortunately, the insurance co. agreed that it was the other person’s fault. He has had a lot of small, non-reportable scrapes, scratches and dings. In fact, my car got keyed the length of the car last weekend when he had it while I was in Florida. Another insurance claim.

    Yep. Tell your wife to laugh while there’s humor in it. It doesn’t last.

  4. For the record, I had 3 cars totalled before I was 25:
    1. First time on 95 in the right lane, someone in the left suddenly realized he had to exit, crossed in front of me and I lost control.
    2. I was too drunk to drive so I gave my keys to the only sober person around, who promptly drove it into a telephone pole. Lesson learned – I might as well drive myself, no matter how drunk
    3. I was driving way too slow because I was lost and unfortunately I decided to make a u-turn at the same moment the guy behind me had run out of patience and decided to go into the other lane of traffic to pass me. That other guy? Off duty cop.

    One lesson that was the longest and hardest for me to learn was everyone on the road is a psychopath whose main goal in life is to kill me. If you can get that point across to your kids, they’ll do just fine. It’s amazing what you’re aware of and how much you focus on EVERYTHING around you on the road if you adopt this idea. 😉

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