Another Food Post

15 March, 2008

For dinner tonight, Russian Cabbage Soup.  Here’s the cabbage.  I’m having some minor difficulties with the vegetable:

The Cabbage?  Or Audrey II?

My daughter was just in a performance of “Little Shop of Horrors” at her High School.  When I saw the shape of the cabbage, I couldn’t resist.



  1. You’ve made that cabbage look something like Barney. Maybe that’s because they’re both purple. However, unless I’m mistaken, that cleaver on the right, while fine for chopping cabbages, wouldn’t work very well on a dinosaur. Good thing you didn’t live ten thousand years ago, or you’d have been eaten by one of those. A dinosaur, I mean, not a cabbage.

  2. When did you become a young earther? Dinosaurs were extincted 65 million years ago. Unless you mean a bird. And the cleaver works real well on chicken. So I guess it does work on dinosaurs. Since a chicken is a bird which (cladistically speaking) is descended from dinosaurs. Did I make any sense at all?

  3. HA!

  4. Did I make any sense at all?
    Yeah, about as much as I did.

  5. The vegetable died. I won. The soup was quite good. We also had my first attempt at wheat-free biscuits (dropped, not rolled). A little chewy, but quite good (potato starch flour, corn starch, shortening, xanthan gum, milk, and salt).

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