A Food Post

13 March, 2008

Dinner at my house has gotten interesting.  Six weeks ago, my wife found out she has celiac disease (no wheat proteins (gluten) at all).  Four months before that, my daughter became a vegetarian.  I have also been avoiding wheat and  feel much better.

Tonight, I tried something new.  My family really likes Mexican food (real Mexican food — shredded meat (not ground beef), soft corn tortillas, not too spicey but full flavoured) and it works well with the whole no wheat thing.  We’ve been getting the big stacks of corn tortillas, but I was unhappy with the different methods of heating them:  frying, dry frying, nuking.  So tonight, I heated up a griddle, slapped the tortillas down, and laid on a slice of cheddar cheese.  As the cheese melted, I folded the tortilla over and let it toast lightly.  Right before dinner, I put them on the griddle again to soften up the cheese.  The shredded chicken was ready, so we could just open up a tortilla, spoon in the chicken, add a little salsa, and voila, excellent soft tacos made with corn tortillas.

I have no idea the religion of the chicken (but my wife says the bird had free range to decide) which gave its life for our meal.  Apparently, someone was faster than a speeding pullet.



  1. I have a friend who found out a year ago or so that his problems stemmed from gluten.

    Gluten Free Steve

  2. Oh, my friend isn’t Steve.

  3. I love mexican food. That sounds yummy!

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