Its an Epidemic

5 March, 2008

A few years ago, my wife was driving up in Scranton (in the minivan with the kids (who were much younger back then)) when she got cut off by a man in a large BMW who also gave her the finger at the same time.  The kicker is the guy driving the big-ass bimmer was Bishop Timlin, a man with a vow of poverty who has (supposedly) dedicated his life to bettering the lives of others and serving his version of God. 

This morning, I was waiting for a left turn.  I got my arrow, and pulled into the intersection.  At this point, a large Mercedes Benz sailed through the intersection making a right turn.  I had to stand on the brakes to avoid hitting the Benz.  He was talking on a cell phone with his right hand.  He was in clerical garb and, with his left hand, gave me the finger (I have no idea how he was steering (God is his pilot?)).  I know it was not the same man (Bishop Timlin is dead), but his ‘screw you’ spirit has lived on.


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  1. Similar thing happened to me in Grapevine, a suburb of Dallas, near the airport, on the first morning of our holiday. I always take things a little slowly (25-28 instead of 30mph for example) when I get in a rental car the first day, until I’m on the interstate, as I have to condition myself for an automatic on the other side of the road to my regular one, and the various different rules regarding right turns on red etc. An Ann Coulter-lookalike took umbrage at this, pulled round then cut in front of me, flipping me the bird. I flipped back. She had a Jesus fish and a variety of Christian bumper stickers. What happened to “When I was a stranger you welcomed me”?!

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