Great Venn Diagram

5 March, 2008

ID Venn Diagram

I saw this over at Bay of Fundie and thought it was excellent.  I would posit that it needs to be three dimensional in order to include the christian dominionists and christian historical revisionists.



  1. Great diagram.

  2. You know, I’m a Republican. I’m what P.J. O’Rourke called Republican Party Reptile and have been since college.

    “I think our agenda is clear. We are opposed to: government spending, Kennedy kids, seat-belt laws, busing our children anywhere other than Yale, trailer courts near our vacation homes, all tiny Third World countries that don’t have banking secrecy laws, aerobics, the UN, taxation without tax loop­holes, and jewelry on men. We are in favor of: guns, drugs, fast cars, free love (if our wives don’t find out), a sound dollar, and a strong military with spiffy uniforms.

    “There are thousands of people in America who feel this way, especially after three or four drinks. If all of us would unite and work together, we could give this country. . . well, a real bad hangover.”

    I hate that the people who yell the loudest about the most insignificant things make the rest of us look like idiots.

  3. Lucid Venn. Amazing resembalance to Mickey Mouse.

    Your cabbage is dangerous. Hope it made great soup.

  4. Hi, Mom. The cabbage soup was very, very good. I used the recipe out of your Footloose Friends cookbook, but used red cabbage instead of white.

  5. Very funny. I love the things people come up with displaying in venn diagrams. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Work from Home Guru: Welcome to my blog. Again, I cannot take credit for it: I found it over at Bay of Fundie (see just below the Venn for the link).

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