Damn. Now I Have Rules. (Nevermind)

5 March, 2008

I have had to delete three comments from two different individuals.  I do not like having to do this.  I do not want to go to moderated comments (but I will if I have to (I will turn this van around!!)).  I responded to two comments in the same trail in which it was posted.  The second one I will respond to here (its from someone called [[[Billy]]] the Saved):

[[[Billy]]]:  In your comment which I deleted (because of gratuitous swearing and the caps lock being left on) yhou made some statements to which I feel a strong need to respond.  You stated (with grammatical and spelling comments):


First, as I have stated before, I do not hate god.  I find it impossible to hate something which does not exist.  Actually, I really can’t say I hate any person.  Some ideas I find offensive (fascism (if I build a model of a German aircraft from World War II I leave the swastika off) modern Republicanism, the religious right).  Some people I find offensive.  But hate requires a level of psychosis which I do not have.  I think hate is primarily an authoritarian outlook, which few atheists have (but many of the religious right do).

Second, I do not get in anybody’s face and try to convert them.  I will, if someone asks, freely state my opinions and my lack of belief.  I specifically titled my blog (((Billy))) the Atheist so that there would be no doubt as to my philosophy, nor would any be surprised by my writings.  Based upon my title, you were warned. It was your decision to continue on my blog and make an obscene comment;  I did not visit your blog (if you even have one (and you provided no link for it)) and post obscene and offensive drivel.

I have, however, experienced ‘in your face’ tactics by Christians.  A co-worker many years ago who, every time he got in the company van, changed the station presets to one Christian station.  All twelve presets.  On numerous occasions, I have been asked by strangers if I have been saved (and I finally got a new comeback).  I have been approached, while in uniform (at work and at forest fires), with the same question.  I have had Chick Tracts dumped on me in lieu of tips. 

Third, I would not try to convert anyone.  I will try to help people open their minds.  I will, within discussions, and through posts, try to introduce a smidgeon of doubt within irrational beliefs.  But I will not try to convert anyone, least of all to ‘Satan’ (I do not believe in any god(s), nor do I believe in angels, much less fallen ones).

Last, I am married, I am a veteran of the U.S. Army (from before the idiocy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell), I have two children.  I am not a homosexual.  And if I was, that kind of insult only works for people who selectively pick and choose from Leviticus.

[[[Billy]]], you are not banned.  Yet.  I invite you (and other trolls out there) to post comments but

  1. Please be respectful.
  2. Only use profanity for humour.
  3. Do not insult me, or other commenters.
  4. Do not try to convert me.
  5. Freely exchange ideas and keep an open mind.
  6. Stick to the topic at hand.
  7. Be clear and concise (see: short & sweet).
  8. No spamming.

 Thanks a lot [[[Billy]]] and billy j. and christy.  Now I have rules.

And thanks to A.C.Chase who gave me the idea for this response, and some inspiration for the rules.

Oh, and [[[Billy]]]?  Try to be a little more original in the name. Mine (((Billy))) at least comes with a story.


  1. Sorry pal, but if these are your new rules then I’m way less inclined to visit for I will:
    1. Not be respectful of stupidity and ignorance
    2. not limit my profanity to just humor
    3. insult those who are worthy of it
    4. try to convert people to value education and critical thinking
    5. (I have no problem with your #5)
    6. veer off course
    7. be overly verbose at times

    Good luck and goodbye

  2. Well, it’s nice to see that you’ve adopted one of the main tactics of the theo-bloggers: If I’m offended by a comment, I’ll just delete it.

    I’m not inclined to add anything further here. I’ve written a full response to this inane post at No More Hornets.

  3. Being a little harsh, aren’t we?

  4. Bullet: Welcome to my blog. Please check out my post “Lesson Learned, Disregard My Previous Post.” As stated in that post, I allowed myself a kneejerk reaction. Though I should have been prepared for the vitriolic comments, I was. And in my surprise, I overreacted and acted without thinking things through. My harsh policy has been removed. Sorry.

  5. I meant Ex and Philly.

  6. Bullet: No. Any further questions?

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