The Tango Turned on a Technicality

4 March, 2008

A few weeks ago, there were numerous articles around the athiest blogosphere about the book And Tango Makes Three abqwhich tells the story of a pair of chinstrap penguins who adopted a fertilized egg and raised it.  What made the situation odd was that they were both male.

The book has been attacked (by such luminaries as Dobson of Focus on the Family) as an insidious attempt to force the gay agenda down the throats of unsuspecting children.  Down in Loudoun County, Virginia, some local busy-body ‘Christians’ decided it should be banned from the school’s library.

Edgar B. Hatrick, the county school superintendent, bless his pointy little head, buckled and banned the book.  Now he is overruling himself, according to this article over at Americans United.

He has not changed his mind because he realized that the book illustrates a curious but common phenomena of the natural world.  He has not changed his mind because he realized that he was making Loudoun County, Virginia, look like a bunch of uneducated rednecks.  No.  He overruled himself because

the resident who complained about the book is not a parent of children in the county school system. School policy states that challenges to curriculum material, he pointed out, must come from parents.

What a gutless wonder.  Either stand up and be a true asshole and support your right-wing religious Republican whackos, or be a man and stand up for the academic freedoms of your school district.  Does he really make a stand?  No.  He realizes he made a mistake and wiggles out of it like a slimey little salamander (not trying to insult amphibians). 



  1. What an asshat

  2. Great minds and all that…I just wrote a post about this.

  3. I have awarded you!!!!

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