Plane Landing in Germany

3 March, 2008

Came home from work and on the news was some incredible footage of a passenger jet attempting to land with an incredible crosswind.  The plane came in with about a 30-degree yaw and I think it scraped the port wingtip.  Of course, they interviewed one of the passengers who said (I’m paraphrasing here because I was yelling at the TV), “People were saying prayers, clinging to each other.”  Yeah.  I’m sure the prayers helped.  The veteran pilot, who deserves a serious raise (and a new pair of underwear) had nothing to do with it.  It must have been the prayers.  Prayers to the god of some goat herders 3,000 years ago who has no clue what an airplane is, or how to land one.  Rant.   Rant.  Rant.



  1. Don’tcha know? They were prayin’ for the Holy Spirit to guide the pilot.

  2. Huh. I suppose they happily say “there are no atheists in a foxhole”. I bet there were loads of people not praying on the plane. But they’re not newsworthy are they? *rolls eyes*

  3. I think it is funny that people praying when there lives are in danger would bother people so much.
    Julia would you think it more or less probable that athiest would find themselves praying in that situation or sitting there with out a thought as to their mortality?

  4. No credit to the pilot. Mad.


  5. Billydotcom: Welcome to my blog.

    I don’t think I implied that an atheist would not be thinking about mortality. I’m 42, and confront mortality on a weekly basis (I’m not quite old enough for it to be daily). Were I in that situation (and I have been on an airliner which had a close call) I would be thinking of my family and friends. I would also hope that the good stuff I have done during my life would be remembered.

    Johnny Cherry: Welcome, also. The news coverage did mention that it was a veteran pilot. If any of the passengers credited the pilot, it didn’t make the news cut.

  6. billy j: You are not welcome at my blog. Should you decide to act (and write) like a rational human being, I will welcome you. Please note the title of my blog. I am an atheist. I see no, repeat no, natural occurence in the universe which necessitates a god. And there are no ‘supernatural’ occurences — it just means that the observer does not understand what is happening.

    As to prayer helping, prove it. No, really. Come up with an experiment which can prove the effectiveness of prayer. It has been studied (way too many times (and absorbed way too much money (which could have gone towards actually usefull research))) and none have found proof for or against prayer.

    I have deleted your comment. Act rationally, write rationally, and I will not delete future posts. Continue to be an ass, and I will continue to delete.

    I have deleted your second comment.

  7. Hey (((Billy))) — just found your blog today and it’s great. I also was annoyed when this story was reported on CNN — Anderson Cooper made some comment like, “There was an angel looking over them…” Yeah, no doubt, it was an angel, and not the training and skill of the pilot.

    Keep up the blogging —


  8. jman30: Welcome to my blog. Glad you found it. I missed the Anderson Cooper remark. Good thing. I don’t want to buy a TV at this point, and I would most likely have thrown a wooden boat through the screen.

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