Grocery Stores and Snow

29 February, 2008

Mrs. Parenthetical and I stopped off at the store today to get some potatoes, tea, rice bread and oranges.  There were no parking spaces.  There were no carts.  The bread area (wheat breads (which we had to walk past)) looked like a herd of rabid pigeons had waded through.  The dairy section had one (ONE!) lone gallon of milk on the shelf. 

We realized that snow was coming.  So we asked the cashier.  She laughed and said they were calling for three inches tonight.  She added that, because of the light snow expected tonight, the bread, eggs and milk had been flying off the shelves.

Okay, folks.  I know that there are areas where one can be stranded without stores for a significant period of time due to snow, ice or other inclement weather.  A small city in Northeastern Pennsylvania ain’t that place.  The longest things have been closed around here has been three days.  Three inches is not a distaster (well, its not if you’re talking about snow).



  1. They should all move to Vermont. We have so much snow that people are hiring backhoes to come and dig them out. There is nowhere for most people to plow any more snow to – so we need to have someone come and truck it away. And we have an estimated 8 to 14 more inches coming tonight. But there was only regular traffic at the store tonight. After a while you become immune to the panic aspect of the thing. And you’re right – even here most people are well within reach of a store barring the absolute worst of conditions. That said – at the beginning of the winter we’ll have this same panicky reaction at the first couple of snow storms.

  2. Oh and also it was frickin’ 15 degrees below zero when I left the house this morning for work. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad that, with your penchant for parentheticals, you added that last one. 8)

  4. I live in Southeastern VA, and if its half an inch of snow, its treated as if its a natural disaster. Everything closes, news stations go into emergency mode, and people stock up like a blizzard is coming. Its pretty funny, especially when the “snow” ends up being rain.

  5. Seven Crows: One year that I lived in Arizona we got over 200 inches. School was not closed for even one day (the one school bus was occasionally cancelled, though).

    Sabrina: We get the same reaction here, and we average 50″ of snow per year.

    SI: Couldn’t resist.

  6. Come to Utah. 3 inches is nothing. But I bet Vermont is worse.

  7. Oh and PA, I need your help since you are using wordpress. I am thinking about locating my blog on wordpress but I cannot get comments to be e-mailed back to me. If you know how to do this can you let me know? poodlesrules at gmail dot com…
    thanks much!

  8. Poodles: I’ve experiences lots of Western snow. That’s one of the reasons I rant about the easterners who can’t handle snow.

    And the wordpress, I know its there, but I need to look for it.

  9. Found it. Go to My Dashboard, then Options, then Discussion (sorry not emailing directly, I don’t have email from this computer).

  10. Thanks PA I switched it but it still won’t work with any of my e-mail addresses. HHMMM.

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