Morphing God

25 February, 2008

I am an atheist.  That is easy to define.  I do not believe in any god (goddess, spirit, kachina, etc.).  That is the simple definition of atheist.

 What is God?  I would bet dollars to donuts that if I asked 10 theists (no WAY would I go through the pain of asking 100) I would get 10 different answers.  Some answers would be complementary, some would be mutually exclusive.

Could this be one reason why the concept of “god” has lasted as long as it has?  “God” can be all things to all people.  “God” is such a flexible concept that it can morph to meet the needs of any society. “God” can also be used to explain away any action no matter how antisocial.



  1. I just sort of wrote on this. Great minds think alike, eh? Point is, people make up such nonsense and say “that’s what god is”. It’s all make believe and completely unsupportable assertions . Most definitions are vague and unprovable by design.

    Speaking of morphing, you’re changing your blog now more than SI. That’s saying something.

  2. As far as changing the blog, I’m just trying to find a look I like.

    I noticed that you had the same idea for an article. You have a rather, um, lawyerly way of looking at it (or a professional logician (only slightly more common than unicorns)).

    I have noticed this during my short time lurking, then commenting, then blogging: Often different bloggers will spontaneously post on related subjects with no apparent collusion. Weird.

  3. That’s a good point. The god concept is (1) unfalsifiable, (2) ambiguous, and (3) vacuous. It can be defined however we want. It’s been tailored (and personified) to the human psyche in Christianity (God as good, Satan as evil), it becomes rather universal but also simultaneously personal. It lasts because the concept changes as the person changes. There’s always a way to rationalize anything.

    By the way, cool layout.

  4. Ah! That was me! (I spelled my name wrong. Ugh. Long day.)

  5. This is my first visit to your blog, and I find it quite interesting and thought-provoking. I definitely will be coming back.

    One friendly suggestion, though. Since you are experimenting with different blog formats, you might consider staying away from light text on a dark background. Studies have shown that this format is difficult to read and tires the eyes quickly. Because of this, it has a tendency to discourage readers from spending time on the site.

    Having worked in the publishing/graphics industry for more than 30 years, my experience has shown these studies to be pretty accurate.

    The blog’s design is very good, but it’s a shame to have that positive attribute diminished by the choice of an ineffective color scheme.

  6. Frizz: I am well aware of the studies regarding light on dark. I have been managing a government web site for nigh onto twelve years. I also manage the publications (including posters, site bulletins, ticket design and promotional materials) for about the same time. Though it is only about one third of my job, I am quite experienced with this type of work. I am aware that this format is not quite as easy on the eyes, but it is the effect for which I was looking.

    Anyway, glad you could visit and I hope to hear from you agian.

  7. “God” can be all things to all people.

    Actually, I think I remember the nuns telling this to me in catechism class. It’s really a stated and obvious attribute of god in most religions. They certainly don’t hide it. But it means something different to them. To them, it means that god is perfect and therefore is exactly what everyone needs, regardless of our individual differences. We, on the other hand, think it means that god is made up to be inoffensive to everyone.

    As for the new design, I really have no idea what Philly is alluding to, but I know Grumpy will snarl.

  8. Sorry to go OT on you, but I’m tagging you for the history meme.

  9. I’ll get to it tomorrow night. Thanks, Chappie. My first meme. I’m so excited.

  10. I too, find your blog very interesting but I am unable to read it for long due to the color combo.

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