Strange Family Conversation Number 2

20 February, 2008

Just got back from Barnes and Nobles and sat down to check on the world.  We’re watching CSI reruns on Spike (good show, bizarre commercials).  One commercial just came and went, which I thought was rather innocuous.  The commercial is for Skittles and one of the characters is sort of a Midas, except what he touches turns to Skittles instead of gold.  The tag line is, “Grab the rainbow.”  Again, I thought it was harmless.  My wife, however, is very good at barometer thinking (looking at things from different points of view).  She said, upon the ending of the commercial, “I wonder how long the anti-gay religious people will let that one stay on?”

My response was a typical, brilliant, husband remark:  “Huh?”

“I wonder how long until the anti-gay groups obect to the tag line?”


“Touch the rainbow?”


My wife has a good point.  The right-wing homophobes tend to be very, very sensitive, and tend to be offended by seemingly innocuous things:  Teletubbies, SpongeBob Squarepants, Bert and Ernie.  These minor cultural pieces somehow offend the archetype strong religious manly man type anti-gay guys.  When my wife and I start looking closely at advertisements, children’s television, and other popular entertainment, we find it surprising that they don’t find more ways to be offended.



  1. Let’s see it refers to a god other than Yahweh – that could be grounds for objections 🙂 And, of course, all references to and depictions of rainbows are codes for acceptance of, not just homosexuality, but the entire debauched “homosexual lifestyle” (whatever the hell that is!).

    I’m counting on you and Mrs. (Parenthetical) to keep us posted regarding any wingnut objections to this ad.

  2. Chappie: I (and the smart one) are very much out of the cultural loop. If I see a response to it, I will, of course, post it, but, other than CSI reruns (and for me, sports) we don’t watch TV all that much, so we may miss it.

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