Imprecatory Prayer?

18 February, 2008

Americans United Staff Members are now the target of an ‘imprecatory prayer.’ 

“Controversial Southern Baptist Pastor Wiley Drake has again urged his followers to pray for the deaths of staff members at Americans United for Separation of Church and State.” 

This is sick.  A Baptist preacher out in California has asked his parishioners to pray for the deaths of staff members of this august organization.  Why?  Because Americans United had the unmittigated gall to point out to the IRS that this asshat’s church was in violation of federal tax law.  Apparently, Drake was using church letterhead and a  church radio program to tell his flock to vote for (wait for it, wait for it):  HUCKABEE!

Gee, what a surprise.  A preacher for the ‘god of love’ asking his sheeple to pray for the death of others.  Christianity at its best.



  1. I just saw the story about the IRS investigation today. I was not aware that he had issued a call for hate-prayer. That’s OK though because I’m casting a Spell of Safety around all the members of FFRF. Hey, mine has all the same powers theirs does.

  2. I think for a Spell of Safety, you need to be a Level 6 Magic User, and make a saving roll for intelligence.

  3. He will need to extend his imprecatory prayer to all employees of the IRS. But I think that kind of prayer works only if you mention each person specifically by name. There are approximately 115,000 employees, so Drake had better get busy. And if he misses anyone who works for the IRS or accidentally throws in the name of a person who doesn’t, or mispronounces a name somewhere along the line, his whole prayer is automatically nullified and his god won’t kill anybody. At least that’s what it says in the First Epistle to the Ignoramuses.

  4. Exterminator, I had no idea you were so well versed in the ritual of imprecatory prayer. Dare I ask how you acquired such esoteric knowledge?

  5. He used to be an imprecatory prayer warrior, chappy.

  6. He will need to extend his imprecatory prayer to all employees of the IRS.

    I tried that for a client once, but it didn’t work. Of course, I didn’t have the latest edition of the First Epistle to the Ignoramuses, so that may have been the problem.

    I probably sidestepped a malpractice claim there.

  7. My cats have formed a prayer circle, and at three o’clock every morning Wiley ‘Dumbass’ Drake will wake up hearing the sound of eight cats hissing ‘Wiley, oh Wiley, Satan’s doing your wife.’

    In time this prayer will get rid of his wife, and put him in prison, thus ensuring that neither he nor her can breed.

  8. …he nor she can breed…

    Dammit! What happened to my prayer for perfect knowledge of grammar?

  9. Drake suffers from a mental disorder named “megalomania”. That one, along with Narcissistic Personality disorder”, are serious mental illnesses. It’s one of the psychopathic disorders that ruins the lives of others who they come into contact with. It’s considered to be a anti-social kind of disorder, that is incurable. People who develop these disorders rarely seek help. And if they do, they remain un-treatable. He needs to be institutionalized, and we should pity him.

  10. Cinamingrl: Thanks for stopping by. Have you examined Mr. Drake in a controlled environment? I ask because, although I agree with you that he shows some of the symptoms of both megalomania and NPD, it is virtually impossible make a medical or psychiatric diagnosis through long-distance exams. Though I agree with the symptomology, I would not presume, like both Frist and Weldon in congress, to make a long-distance diagnosis. Keep in mind, it could be an act he uses to bring in the money.

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