You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

18 February, 2008

Over at Pharyngula, there is a wonderful (well, wonderfully scary (in a batshit crazy sort of way)) video which shows just what has gone wrong (and is going wrong) with this wonderful American experiment of democratic government.  Take a look at it.  Its scary.

 Go ahead, I’ll wait.


 Are you appalled? 

My favourite part is when the pastor says that “its time to stand for whats raht instead of saying one thing and doing another.”

Stand for what’s right?  Like torture, transferring unprecedented wealth from the middle class to big business through corporate welfare?  Destroyin FEMA? 

Instead of saying one thing and doing another?  Like saying that we will only go to war as a last resort?  Like saying we don’t torture? 

People like this make me despair of America’s future.  The Bible is not a valid document upon which to base a government, dammit!!!



  1. That scares the crap out of me. The worst is the little girl. Dawkins was right, it is child abuse but perhaps worse than physical abuse because there’s no telling what harm this girl will inflict on others through her future votes, her words, her proselytizing, and of course breeding and continuing the cycle of ignorance for Jesus and some fantasy America which she thinks she’s a citizen of.

  2. Philly, I was once like that little girl. Seriously, that conversation could have been happening my parent’s house (other than the accents). The phrases they used were exactly the same as what I grew up hearing and parroting from evangelist preachers.

  3. Back when I believed I always thought “People don’t understand faith. They CAN’T understand it unless they are willing to look at faith from the inside instead of as outside observers.” Now I think the exact opposite. There is no way for people to understand how truly scary all of this is until you look at it from the outside– it looks a lot like fascism. Pseudo-science, anti-intellectualism, and belief based solely on authority. It’s chilling…

  4. I’m sickened, but not at all surprised. OG and Lifey’s comments apply to me, too. I understand all too well how those women think. Been there, done that (or much of it). These women are not on the extreme or radical fringes of Christianity, they are fairly typical fundogelicals.

    We have to bear in mind that the fundogelicals outnumber the moderate and liberal Christians. The churches that are growing are not the Presybyterian, Episcopalian, Methodists, etc. (in fact, all of those are declining). The churches that are growing are the JWs, the Mormons and the Southern Baptists – fundogelicals to the core.

  5. Well, they sure aren’t good, decent people. They’re ignorant, they’re arrogant, and they’re flat out stupid. They haven’t got the brains they claim god gave them. Give these jerks political power and they’ll start killing people in the streets. Let’s not forget that the people who lynched Emmett Till and thousands of other blacks were ‘good, decent folk’, just like these idiots. Give them power and they’ll expand their skill set to include atheists, Muslims, non-Christians, anybody some fool pastor tells their tiny little minds to humiliate, demean, and kill. They’re sick, they’re mentally ill, they’re spiritually dead. Dried up, ugly little souls.

  6. Damn, you’re cheerful today. I agree wholeheartedly.

    I mean this as a complement, but you remind me of Drill Instructor I had in Basic back in ’90. He was able to ‘cuss out’ a recruit for about 15 minutes. During that time, he never repeated himself, nor did he actually swear. But he questioned the recruit’s family (at least three generations back), the recruit’s intelligence and morality, and his fitness for the Army (the boot screwed up BAAAAAD!). At the end of this eloquent tirade, he turned to me and asked’ “What are you looking at, boot?”

    I replied, “Admiring your command of the English language, Seargent.”

    “Thanks. Drop and give me 20.”

    “Yes, Sergeant.”

  7. Thanks. But I don’t see you doing 20, dude…

  8. Depends how long I have. What’s the time limit on 20?

  9. Given your apparent advanced condition, you’ve got a year to do 20.

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