17 February, 2008

In my initial post on my blog (Welcome to the (Parenthetical) Athiest), I mentioned our cats.  I also mentioned that one of them weighs in at around 25 pounds (I have mentioned this in comments on other sites).  Some of you out there have expressed doubt as to the size and/or species of said housecat.  So you know I am not lying, here is a photo of Dust:tpa3.jpg (Click on it to get a full size view).  The butt warmer on his hind end is KC, a normal sized (okay, OG, she’s in the lower range of normal for a housecat), six pound cat.  Luckily, Dust is a marshmallow, otherwise he could be dangerous.



  1. Six pounds is normal sized?? I think Dust is starving KC.

  2. Nice cats. My best friend has a tabby over 20 lbs. she is just fat. Our vet has a huge Maine coon.

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