Apparently, Arlen Specter Doesn’t Have Enough To Do

9 February, 2008

And a little something to consider before next year’s Super Bowl: “Sen. Arlen Specter, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, introduced a bill this week that would allow houses of worship to show football games on big-screen televisions. The legislation was among a flurry of action taken this week as the result of an article Friday in The Washington Post reporting that churches were canceling Super Bowl parties out of fear of lawsuits from the NFL if they showed the game on jumbo TV screens…. Under Specter’s legislation, religious organizations that wish to show professional football games would be declared exempt.”

From “This Week In God” over at the Carpet Bagger Report

Well, that’s a relief.  Churches need another exemption to the rules, right?  Because churches already have to obey too many rules.

And Mr. Specter:  As a citizen of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (you know, one of the people you are supposed to be representing) I am appalled that you consider this important.  Illegal wire-tapping, torture, Presidential signing statements, HUD, FEMA, FDA, and a few I don’t remember (there’s so much law-breaking going on with this administration, I don’t know where to begin) must seem pretty small potatoes compared to churches showing NFL games on a big-screen TV, but you might want to look into them.  Really.  About 70% of Americans will thank you for it.  Honest.  Just look at the Bush administration’s view of the law.  Just look into it.



  1. Why the hell do they need a bill to watch football games?

  2. Ordinary Girl: Good point. Maybe they should be asking for a NASCAR waiver (and, in the interest of honesty, I enjoy watching NASCAR (oh, look, they’re turning left)).

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