An Old Man Rant

4 February, 2008

About two weeks ago, I had an odd experience.  I stopped at a Sheetz to get gas.  I walked in to pre-pay (at $3.00 plus a gallon, they were having way too many drive-offs) and passed a trio of young men. 

Young man number one wore black pants with chains hanging everywhere and zippers in places that made no sense at all.  His hair was shaved on the sides and about a foot long on top.  He sported a tattoo in the middle of his forehead.

Young man number two wore red and black plaid pants, a black hoodie with something written on the front (what it said, I have no idea as it was written in an alternate alphabet).  His head was shaved but he had an impressive Fu Manchu going.

 Young man number three sported black pants with chains and zippers (who needs a zipper on the kneecap?).  His hair was spiked six inches off his head (I suspect a school would declare the hair a potential weapon and send him home).  He had a safety pin in his nostril and a chain from said piercing to a quarter-size stud in his ear.  He also had a miniature dumbell through his eyebrow (he only had one (the Cro Magnon look)). 

Young man number one held the door as I entered.  I was dressed normally (for me).  Button down long sleeve shirt, jeans, boots, cowboy hat and a gen-X beard.  As I passed, I heard number three say to number one, (soto vocce) “Damn.  Get a load of that funny lookin’ hat.”

Now I know that 42 is not that old (despite what my daughter says).  I think of myself as rather accepting of alternate fashions.  When my son wears Converse All-Stars with a double-breasted suit and bow-tie to a formal dance, I think it was odd, but acceptable.  When my daughter pays extra for dungarees that are already ripped, I think it odd but acceptable.

 But when the hell did a cowboy hat become odd?  Not just odd, but commentably odd? 

So, does the fact that these whippersnappers think that my hat (and possibly my plaid flannel shirt) is funny looking, does that make me officially old? 



  1. Don’t sweat it. I wouldn’t take fashion advise from someone who thinks a colander is a hat.

  2. So, does the fact that these whippersnappers think that my hat (and possibly my plaid flannel shirt) is funny looking, does that make me officially old?

    No. But the fact that you’re asking the question makes you officially old.

  3. Ex: Beis Mich!

  4. Billy: kein Dank, alte!

  5. But cowboy hats are funny looking, sitting down on the tops of the ears like that. Now if you spiked your hair up, the hat would sit better. See the things you can learn from the younger, spiky generation.

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